Sarah El Hamed

A collaborative art project by

Riffy Ahmed and Sarah El Hamed

About the Project

ARA-B-LESS? is the result of an active collaboration between artist-curators, Riffy Ahmed and Sarah El Hamed.

ARA-B-LESS? finds its origin in a series of ongoing visual conversations through which the artists seek to explore their own identities as Arab women born and brought up in the West.


They are on a mission to go beyond conventional conversation by documenting and visualising their thoughts and feelings on the subject in a range of different media.


The Artists
Artists include:
Riffy Ahmed,
Sarah El Hamed,
Wejdan Reda (including works by Arwa Al-Neami, Wa’ad Al-Mujalli, Meaad Talal Hanafi and  Sarah Attar)
Dictaphone Group (Tania El Khoury, Abir Saksouk and Petra Serhal),
Shadi Alzaqzouq,
Ymène Chetouane,
Rim Battal,
Mourad Krinah,
Mohssin Harraki,
Meriem Bennani and
Hassan Hajjaj.


Check out photos from our show: ARA-B-LESS? presented by NOUR Festival @ Saatchi Gallery, London




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